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Screen just goes black

App is useless. Used to work fine but now screen just goes black. Tried closing all my apps and even restarted my phone as suggest by another review. Not that I should have to do that for the app to work properly but it’s still just a black screen even after performing the so called “work around”. Fix it or remove the app.

Love Zoho Projects

Great for moving projects forward.

Extremely Essential to Every Type of Business

Great app for any and every team or individual looking to create projects and documents all while sharing with your team. You can change the color of the dashboard in the app, all while filtering certain data so that you are able to see certain details of certain projects. As well as adding files to each project and discussing the details in each feed. There are so many awesome things about this app, you must download this app.!

Seems promising but hangs up while typing

Seems promising but hangs up while typing. While typing? Yes, just typing the name of a task or milestone.

Good start

This app needs to be identical to the website if not better in order to be useful.


Zoho has such a wonderful suite of productivity tools!


Constantly crashes! Have to delete and reinstall constantly just to get to the screen I need to get too.

Nothing is consistent

The company I work for wants to create a seamless set of tasks that would need to be completed in order to finish the project. There is little consistency between the desktop version and the mobile application. Nothing sorts the way you would like it and forget about trying to edit excel spreadsheets with the mobile application. I’m trying my best to work with this service but I keep hitting roadblocks.

Latest update cannot use time log

It appears the ability to clock time on a project was removed in the most recent update.


If there were, the product would be better. But instead of supporting their customers they argue that there system is working when clearly shown via screen share it is not. False support?

Very confusing to use.

Not sure ever what I am looking at and if I am seeing all of something or only parts.

Horwath HTL

Just getting started so far looks good wish the connected with Quickbooks, very call tool for the team

Amazing developers. Great app.

While not as full featured as the web app it’s still amazing. Thanks for adding the new feature to prompt us to update time sheet notes when stopping timer! Super helpful !!


Truly a great app!

Black screen - I found solution

App is definitely decent but I went to update and got “Session expired” now permanent black screen. Within seconds I figured out the problem. Closed ALL other apps on my phone iPhone 8 Plus and zoho app worked and I just needed to sign in again. So somebody needs to tell farleys5 to close all apps and login again

App not working in iOS 11.1

Getting a black screen.


Un app versátil y productiva


Works great to organize projects and collaborate with other. 👍🏻👍🏻

Wow outstanding app improvement

I already have to say I loved Zoho on the web, but the app was a big struggle. I woke up one day to find the new version on my phone --- what an amazing improvement and I am absolutely 100% loving Zoho all the way! We couldn't possibly do our business any other way!!! Kudos to team Zoho!!!!

Good software easily integrates across devices

Like it so far. Watch the YouTube videos to jump start you over the learning curve. Very simple to use and set up.

Allow multiple people in task filter

The app doesn't allow you to filter tasks with two or more people. It'll only allow you to remove the one person and see everything.


Zoho is really making a name now!!! I love the app, it's like Slack married Basecamp and Trello and they all had a baby.

Disappointing ... not very useful

I am moving my company away from basecamp to Zoho Project and I was used to having access to everything from Basecamp on the Basecamp app. However, after starting the migration and installing this app I was greatly disappointed. It is virtually useless. There are a couple of nice features like entering time but for a project manager it gives you no insight as to the health of your projects.

So so Zoho

Cannot understand why Zoho wouldn't include the project status dashboard in the app. At very least include the completion status of the task lists.

Difficult to navigate

The interface is difficult to navigate and feels clumsy. There is also no ipad app. Needs LOTS of work... It's better to use the actual website in your mobile bowser than too use this app (that says a lot about how bad this app is)

Great start, but missing ticket functionality

Great app for accessing your zoho projects, but I'd really like to see the functionality added to generate and review project tickets, not just tasks.

Ipad please

If no Ipad app then YOU HAVE TO allow rotation of the view for Ipads. Thanks


This app has been improved (in as much as we can actually use it now), but let's face it, there are many project managers with tighter, more intuitive design and functionality. The colors are drab and do not add to the visual hierarchy. I know this is "no frills", but some frills (like bold text, tasteful color choices) can be very handy when I need to easily see what tasks I need to do and navigate the app. Also, without an iPad app, this project manager is seriously lagging behind the times. I'd love to see some more effort put in to strengthening the design.


The problem with this app is you have to type in the login information each time you want to use it.

Good product, horrible app

We use the web-based features for this program at work. My goal was to us the task list in the app, but it is always out of date. On the web, my tasks are all up to date, but the app is still showing tasks "to do" that are weeks old and were complete on the Zoho website. The App and the site need to ALWAYS be in sync, or this app is pointless.

Can't even use it, crashes all the time (iPhone 5)

This app used to work just fine, I was able to do a lot of stuff on my iPhone, now it does not even work. I uninstalled the app and installed again... Nothing works :( No iPad version it's a big deal now at days.

Ever heard of an iPad?

No landscape view? Only available in iPhone format? Doing project management on an iPhone screen... Not very serious. I won't even go through the details of stuff you CAN'T do with this app. Only got it so I can get the push notifications instead of endless emails.

Its ok

But fix the crashing issue. It was first reported in march and still happens. V

Incomplete and just plain bad

1. Cant create new project 2. Cant view all tasks across all projects. U have to switch between projects manually 3. Can search tasks Its like the main functions are missing! Go back and redo!


Was able to open it a few times and then it kept crashing. Unable to open it now.

Almost works

Used to be fine, not great. Interface isn't the mist intuitive and takes more work to assign and update tasks than in browser. But it worked ok... Now I'm reinstalling for the second time, hoping it will solve the crash problem.

Great Project on the Go App

We have a creative team of 7 all using the app to collaborate and deliver projects on the go. We've had none of the crash problems reported in the other reviews. I chose this platform after going through almost every other cloud project manage system and for our creative work, this app and this system was the best. Deeply appreciate Zoho's development on this.

Missing feature

Don't see Task, Activities, or Timesheet .


Saw the ad, got excited, got the app, loved it... And now it crashes on the load screen, every time. This is after literally three uses of the app on the 4s. Please fix this, Zoho. I was just starting to believe in you again. :(

Useless - Can't Search Tasks

You can search projects and users but not tasks within a project?

App crashing

The app launched 2 times then when I went into it again it wouldn't open. Not sure why, even with a shutdown of my phone.

Too simple. Not iPhone 5.

This is the worst implementation ever. What a terrible app. The iphone 5 has been out for awhile now and this app still has not been updated for the new screen size. Its features are crippled. Please go back to the drawing board.

Decently Simple App

This program loads quickly and is simple to use. I like that it sorts all of the tasks associated with the project so that it is easy to find the tasks assigned to me. However, this is all the app does. As the project manager, it would be nice to have the option to see what tasks are assigned to all other members of the project. Also, I would appreciate being able to see the overall project gantt chart on the app. It sounds like these changes will soon be applied to the app and I would consider it a five star app once those changes are applied. Overall, it is a simple and clean app but currently lacks some essential elements found on the Zoho website.

Slick interface

Just downloaded this app and tried it. The interface is slick. Would help me manage my projects on the go.

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