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App is okay, but misses almost all of the functionality of the browser version. You can log and see everything in the feed, but dont have access to all of the views like Kanban, Gantt-Chart etc. No Forum, no Sites, no Chat... App is not usable. Compared to Jira App definitely no alternative! Very misleading App Icon because its showing a Gantt-Chart which is not even read-only viewable.

Crashes instantly

I get it cant always be perfect but I pay $100/ mo. Very disappointing.

So so Zoho

Cannot understand why Zoho wouldnt include the project status dashboard in the app. At very least include the completion status of the task lists.

Disappointing ... not very useful

I am moving my company away from basecamp to Zoho Project and I was used to having access to everything from Basecamp on the Basecamp app. However, after starting the migration and installing this app I was greatly disappointed. It is virtually useless. There are a couple of nice features like entering time but for a project manager it gives you no insight as to the health of your projects.

Not perfect yet but huge potential

I miss a lot of functions i could use if using the webportal. For example change user-account informations. Watch GANT-Project-Status and many more. Im looking forward to see some updates in the future and I hope you still work on it! :)

Not Good!

The App crashes always and everytime :-( i can do nothing, so just 1 Point! Please fix it quickly! iPhone 4S with iOS6.0


Nice app so far but doesnt fit the iphone 5 screen.

Only good for crashes

Crashes everytime on the loading screen. I cant even start the menu. How is this a productive app when it crashes, causing me to be unproductive? 2.5yrs Ive owned an iPhone I never had a single problem til this app.

Good, could be great

The app is well organized, but the data seems too disconnected. If I enter a feed item that happens to be a task, I should be able to interact with it as a task instead of having to find it specifically in the task list. Also, it would be wise to have a total cross project task list available by default - flipping between projects to find out what my next "todo" is is the opposite of efficient. Desktop version of Zoho Projects owns. The app is still in its infancy.

Quite good app

I like using zoho with this app because it displays only necessary options in opposite to web site that is . But it suddenly shuts down right after opening... Fix it please!


I cant do anything anymore with the app. I am very unhappy with zoho mobile apps in general, and thinking to move away the whole platform due to this

Great for my association

Doesnt matter what are the members of a team: with zoho project I found a very nice way for collaboration. I appreciate a lot the desktop features for advanced planning and this mobile app to check the daily tasks and set the progress. This mobile app permits to add new tasks, add comments and documents. Integration with other zoho modules is suitable for my sporting association that includes about 12 zoho users (internal and consultants).

Slick interface

Just downloaded this app and tried it. The interface is slick. Would help me manage my projects on the go.

Decently Simple App

This program loads quickly and is simple to use. I like that it sorts all of the tasks associated with the project so that it is easy to find the tasks assigned to me. However, this is all the app does. As the project manager, it would be nice to have the option to see what tasks are assigned to all other members of the project. Also, I would appreciate being able to see the overall project gantt chart on the app. It sounds like these changes will soon be applied to the app and I would consider it a five star app once those changes are applied. Overall, it is a simple and clean app but currently lacks some essential elements found on the Zoho website.

Too simple. Not iPhone 5.

This is the worst implementation ever. What a terrible app. The iphone 5 has been out for awhile now and this app still has not been updated for the new screen size. Its features are crippled. Please go back to the drawing board.

App crashing

The app launched 2 times then when I went into it again it wouldnt open. Not sure why, even with a shutdown of my phone.

Useless - Cant Search Tasks

You can search projects and users but not tasks within a project?


Saw the ad, got excited, got the app, loved it... And now it crashes on the load screen, every time. This is after literally three uses of the app on the 4s. Please fix this, Zoho. I was just starting to believe in you again. :(

Missing feature

Dont see Task, Activities, or Timesheet .

Great Project on the Go App

We have a creative team of 7 all using the app to collaborate and deliver projects on the go. Weve had none of the crash problems reported in the other reviews. I chose this platform after going through almost every other cloud project manage system and for our creative work, this app and this system was the best. Deeply appreciate Zohos development on this.

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